Friday, July 2, 2010

Did they miss the point?

Yesterday on google buzz I had posted a news from Times of India - 12 years boy raped an older girl in Delhi. I posted it saying that its a most depressing news I have ever read.

To my surprise, in addition to some frivolous comments, I was also asked what was so shocking in the news and why it was depressing.

To me it was shocking because its something far far beyond my wild expectations of what should happen in the world. Things will happen which I do not expect but this was far beyond the limit I was prepared for. But why was it depressing? Thats the point I'd like to make here.

Of course the world is almost always raw and cruel. But it does not mean we want it to be raw and cruel. We want to make it better. And the good people are putting their every bit of effort to make it better. It was depressing for me because it made me feel such efforts are falling terribly short. That was the point. Now some may say that one incidence does not reflect the fact. But sometimes more-than-bewildering incidents have a power to cause a huge emotional upset.

If even such a terrible news is not shocking (and/or depressing) to people, well, its their choice! To me, if such a news is shocking (and depressing) then it tells me that I am not yet emotionally dead.

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