Friday, June 25, 2010

That kinda feeling

Suppose you don't get even bare minimum (or sound sleep) for two consecutive nights with a very stressful and turbulent day between them. You wake up and you want to describe the feeling you are having.

This was the situation with me today morning. I got up and wanted to describe the feeling I was having. Instead of all possible English words or phrases in the Oxford dictionary or any other dictionary on the planet, the following words came to my mind-

Feeling like an unstable isotope

And I thought it summed up my feelings quite well :)


Mario said...

Peace! :)

Mukta said...

Perfect :)

Kapil Bodkhe said...

Physical chemistry has always eluded me and has given me many sleepless nights. Nice term though!

Mansi said...

:) nice comparison!!

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