Thursday, July 22, 2010

sigh !

I happen to know few "special" children, though not directly but through my family. A slight thought of them makes me highly uncomfortable and upset, which I am now.

Forget the lofty aims of understanding universe and ourselves, even if science succeeds in healing the agonies of such people I'd say it has done its bit.

sigh! :(


Rupesh Nasre. said...

At times, I too feel uncomfortable and upset to see special children. But not the way you have described. I feel they are the most happy people in the world, they can maintain their innocence throughout and do not have to bother about the worldly affairs.

They are already blessed. May god bless us.

heliophile said...

Not all special children are the kinds who can stay childlike innocent for their life. For them, I always get worried about how they are going to make their livelihood, especially the children from not well-to-do families.

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