Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crossing the quarter century mark

Many times during last month, I felt the urge to write. I did write some articles too but did not post it. Somehow I felt the articles did not come quite good. Its another question whether the articles that I post too are good enough.

I turned 25 this 1st May. And many people reminded me that I have scored a quarter century. The last year will go down my memory lane as one of the most memorable. Somehow I came out from my nagging and depressing introspection and slowly I'm learning to be more bindhaas. Though I have a perpetual hint of smile on my face, in reality, when I'm alone I did tend to be very serious kinda person. (They say the same about Abraham Lincoln :D ). I was unable to accept changes which threatened my comfort zone. I still am not not entirely comfortable with it but there are signs of improvement. The biggest burdens were my own expectations and the inevitable necessity to control this burden brings about. I read some philosophy and it invariably led me to depressing thoughts.

But somehow last year has made me realize strongly that nothing in life's quirks is worth much bothering about and no philosophy is complete. You cannot have complete control and have the things the way you wanted. In fact, life is fun only because there is uncertainty and chaos galore. Absolute control would render the life very dull and boring. Contradictions are part and parcel of life and the only answer to such situations is forty-two. In fact, I strongly suspect that 42 is indeed the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. (For non-hitchhiker-guide readers, it means that in general life does not make much sense and you must read this book, its the craziest I have ever read). Though it does not make much sense, it does not mean that you should not try to bring a little order in things around you but the key point is that after you give it your best, do not bother much about the results and accept the results the way they turn out to be. If the results do not make much sense, remember that the answer is forty-two and move on.

Talking about my dabbling with philosophy and the resulting depressing thoughts, somehow I have come to the conclusion that no philosophy will ever be sufficient to answer all the aspects of life. In fact the only philosophy that may work in every situation is "Take the best possible action according to situation without being very rigid with do-s and dont-s". Realizing this has had a lot of effect on me. Now I don't spend my time brooding over philosophy but try to be present in that situation, try to be present in that moment. Avoiding unnecessary and futile philosophical conundrums and trying to live the moment has made my life much more peaceful and happy.

Preaching and practicing are two different things but at least realizing this stuff has made the 25th year very special for me.

- Onkar


Rupesh Nasre. said...

Beautiful. The tone is perfectly at peace.

Mukta said...

oh my! a very different onkar. i like this one too :) peace and quiet? aren't they rare in your mind normally? even though you may seem like an incredibly calm person?
And I second you wholeheartedly on the Hitchhiker's Guide :D It is the craziest, silliest and funnest and perhaps most-essential-to-read-once-in-your-life book ever!!!

Wish you an amazing year ahead too :)

Devika said...
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Devika said...
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Devika said...

Well said Onkar...:)Wats the funda of 42???

Kapil Bodkhe said...

ब्रह्माचर्याश्रम संपले; welcome to गृहस्थाश्रम ;)

heliophile said...

@Devika -

You can see the following link

But this link is only informative. For real fun, you will have to read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". And believe me, you will never regret reading this one !

- Onkar

BrAiN FrEEzE said...

in life letting go is the best option. believe it or not but smallest things in life can depress me. and i feel quite irritated for smetime. it takes a lot of time for me to adjust. but smehow this neva reflects on my face. mayb its dissatisfaction or sme emptines.. but i think i shud apply ur funda.. of being in the moment and maybe not get in2 the do's n dont's .. :D gud one onkar i enjoyed readin this one..

Smriti :)

brownianmotion said...

nice article! I think theory and practice go hand-in-hand..when one reaches its limitation we turn to other and this keeps going.

Suneel Madhekar said...

Well, the answer might not really be 42! It might be the 63rd root of 57. Or, it might be a transcendental number which cannot even be expressed in such a nice way!

vinay said...

Really liked the post! :)
Like every leaf has gravity to take care of it and it's soil to reach eventually..Winds and water and kids only fiddle with the course..

suvarnam said...
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suvarnam said...

Oh! This is new for me.. thats why u were not so comfortable in BG session.. doesn't what you just wrote (not to bother about outcomes)matches with "karmanyevadhikaraste..." ;)
its nice that you have become lil carefree and learned to enjoy in the present moment.. Wish you become more happy and peaceful henceforth.. :)

vinay said...

Yes exactly Suvarnam, that's what occurred to me too, 'karmanyevaadhikaraste..'

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