Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Why ?
What ?
What is life ?
Why do we live ?
Why do we breathe ?
Why do we think ?
What is the point ?
Why should there be not limits to what we think ?
Why should always be there something "higher" ?
What am I doing here ?

These are the usual topics of discussion with few of my friends.
Usually there is no outcome. Usually everything is just gibberish.
Staying alone, it gets over you. These questions will either be
your best friends or sworn enemies.

What is the point ?
Why should there be any point ?

You begin thinking that everything is pointless. You lose interest.
I found that every important question I face is ultimately connected
to "why am i here". For example, when I think of whether I should
go for a PhD, the actual question is different.

Probably it is like an axiomatic system. You may not be able to
question the axioms from within the aximoatic system. Perhaps there
may not be any point to life unless you give it. Different views
from different frames of reference.

I am just sick of it. There may not be something "higher". It may be
simply a consequence of biological needs of improving our skills
translated into the domain of thoughts. Perhaps life is just life.
Perhaps it is just like soil in a potter's hand. If he keeps thinking
about what is soil, nothing comes out of it but instead if he shapes
the soil, there comes the meaning.

I'm leaving it at that. Let us live.


vinay said...

:) you said so much in a few lines! loved it :) have gone through this conundrum so very often and every time hit some block..but the calm that follows makes you feel better and fresher

Venkata Gopala Rao said...

again, nice piece of writing from you.
very well said. i shall say that you simply added life to it!


Priti L Mishall said...

hey, Omkar..ur thoughts depict the battle going on everyone's mind, few are able to express as beautifully as you. keep it up.

Suneel Madhekar said...

Indeed! We may not be able to understand life while we're still living the life... We may not be able to comprehend everything about the universe while still being a part of it... That in itself is a disturbing thought, for some. Well, probably for the same reason, many wise men have said that the only reality that exists is the present moment. So, the best that one can do is make use of the present moment wisely...

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