Sunday, May 10, 2009

अथातो आम्रजिज्ञासा ||

I simply love Mango ! Recently while eating mangoes, some thoughts and revelations crossed my entranced mind. These are few chosen ones:

1) If genesis had been written in India, Adam would have got tempted to eat Mango in the garden of Eden instead of Apple. Is apple a fruit to get tempted for?

2) There is another theory that Adam intentionally ate Apple so that God punished him and sent to the earth. He wanted to eat Mangoes on the earth. How clever of him to fool the god into "punishing" !

3) If Harry Potter would have got written in India, he would have remembered Mango eating sessions while casting a patronus to thwart dementors.

4) If Queen Mary Antoinette had known Mangoes, she would have said "Let them eat Mango" instead of "Let them eat cake".

5) If British had known Mangoes much before:
a) Alphabet would have started with "M for Mango".
b) The celebrated proverb would have been "A mango a day keeps the doctor away".
c) There would have been no color as "Orange". That color would have been named as "Mango".

6) But it looks like Italians and Spanish knew Mangoes. That is why Amerigo Vespucci was named Amerigo by his mother and Amerigo named America as America. Not many people know that Sanskrit name for Mango is "Amra". Thus Mango has been instrumental in founding the superpower. The Spanish and Italian knowledge of Mangoes also resulted into their names generally ending with the letter "o" to rhyme with mango. (Fernando, Fransisco, Alessandro, Figo etc).

अथातो आम्रजिज्ञासा ||


Mukta said...

oho! an ode to a mango huh?

suvarnam said...

hehehe!! nicely written Mang-onkar.. ;)

Niranjan Ghaisas said...

Contribute this to Times of India, or even better, Bombay/Pune Times :)

Suneel Madhekar said...

Wikipedia says: "'Mango' comes from Portuguese manga, which is probably from Malayalam manga"...

Time to have a mango...

Mansi said...

awesome...i could never have thought of writing about mango for sure! hats off for getting such an idea!

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