Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The actual reason why people are happy about WikiLeaks is not the secrets. People are not voyeurs, at least not most of them. The real reason is that the politicians have lost their credibility and people trust leaks more. People no more believe it when the leaders tell them that the information is to be kept secret in the national interests. Credibility is the key to the cloak of secrecy. But the leaders have enjoyed this secrecy thingy for their own interests, as evident from the scams galore. If they had some credibility left, there would be little to worry about the leaks because honest leaders would have peoples' support in any adverse situation. In such a case, people would have said - we do not want the secrets, we fully trust in our leaders when they say that these documents are to be kept confidential.

Same goes about the Arundhati Roy drama. As a democratic society, we must respect her right to speak. We should answer argument only by the means of argument. But is there a single trustworthy person left in the political arena whose arguments people will believe in? This the real reason government worries about Arundhati Roy. Its not only popularity, its about credibility and these two things aren't the same. Perhaps the only person who enjoyed such trust from people was Dr. Kalam. If only there were leaders of such stature who could stand up and tell Ms Roy that she was wrong - then citizens would pay no attention to whatever she says. Sedition charges against her is certainly not the way to go about it.

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