Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lateral Thinking

(Thanks to Nachiket for this amusing real
life story. The boy in this story is
actually one of the family friend of
Nachiket's family.)

There was a boy at IIT, Kharagpur. There
were a lot of mosquitoes at IITKh so he had to
set up mosquito net before he could sleep.
Once unfortunately, this mosquito net
got a hole. Mosquitoes used to enter the
net through that hole and trouble the boy.

He simply made another hole in the
net and connected a flexible tube from
one hole to the another.

Poor mosquitoes, they did not know who
they were pitted against !!! :D


vishal said...

hahaha...lai bharee idea !

Mrudul said...

haha, too good!!

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