Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's day test

Mario, a role model of infinite energy and patience.
Nero aka Niranjan, a role model of human iceberg.

These both fellas clog Idea operator's network services
about 10 p.m. on 13th Feb (Friday the 13th is always ominous)
and decide to ruin my plans of spending Valentine day at home,
dozing all the time except only when I need to have food.
Dozing all the time would be ideal but I have to abide by the
lessons learnt in my primary schools, viz, food is a basic
necesity for survival. And I want to survive.

So these fellas decide to go trekking to Fort Purandar (पुरंदर)
and order me to obey issued commands. I need to report at
6:15 a.m. on bus stand the next day. I manage to make
it at 6:45 a.m. in a kind of stupor. They decide that
this stupor is not good for World Peace (no reason
can be as good as World Peace!) and bung me into the famous
Lal Dabba (red S.T. bus) to wake me up. I firmly believe
that medical researchers should try Lal Dabba as a
potential candidate for pulling people out of coma.

After an hour or so we are walking the road which leads
to the base of Purandar. We see a car coming along. Mario
decides to demonstrate magnetism of his personality. He just
thinks we should ask these locals for information. He doesn't
wave his hands at all but the car stops near him as if it was
stopped by an invisible barrier. Hail Mario ! The car takes
us directly to the point where we start climbing up.

Nero has a point to prove. He doesn't crib, he acts. I
compensate for the void of cribbing he creates. Nero starts
picking up wafers' empty plastic pouches thrown by mortals
on the way and puts them in a bag he is carrying.
I start cribbing about irresponsible behavior that results
in these plastic carpets. But Nero lives up to his reputation
of being a role model of human iceberg and manages to hide
the irritation caused by my high voltage cribbing.

Mario decides that the plain route is no good for intellectual
consumption. Lets take short cuts across the serpentine good
old plain route that leads to the fort. I manage escaping first
short cut alive. Then he decides that not only we ought to take
short cuts but also where there aren't any, make new ones. At
present, he decides to make a new short cut as he can't see
any. I start trudging and ouch !! A species of thorny bushes
proves its existence to the world by means of a red dot on my
finger. Based on this fundamental proof, other species prove
some more corollaries and lemmas on my forehands and feet.
But I manage to stay alive the way I managed it in my
IISc graduate courses and go undeterred against this barrage
of proofs, corollaries and lemmas.

We arrive at a tank and now these fellas decide to test my
patience. With full knowledge, they turn right instead of left,
the route which goes only round and round and round the fort.
I fail the test after trying hard for 30 minutes and we turn
back, these fellas telepathing a wicked laughter to each other
at my glaring failure. Then we take the good old left turn
and after going some distance futher, these fellas decide
to test my energy. Now they turn left instead of right. This
path, with just enough width for a shoe, with valley on the left
and a steep rocky cliff on the right, again starts going round
and round and round the fort. Finally again after 30min or so,
I fail this energy test. We again turn back. Now their wicked
laughter on my failures becomes public and even more vicious.

Finally we take the correct route. How similar it is to
research ! Only after you are done with your patience and energy,
you find the correct route. We reach the well hidden gate after
some time and subsequently start walking towards the temple
far off which is at the highest point of the fort. Surprisingly,
we reach it quite earlier than our expectations.

What a peace ! What a endearing calm ! We lie down in shadow
of the temple with a pleasant cool breeze around. No words
for those 15mins of dozing under the infinite clear blue skies
with an occasional chirping floating around. You can actually
feel the freshness lingering in the air. It kind of reinvigorates
you. Finally we contribute something to World Peace with our
peaceful naps and then start climbing down. After managing
it with fewer shortcuts and some more bruises on feet and
forehands, we reach the base of Purandar. There we have
"Zhunka-Bhakar" (typical rural lunch menu in Maharashtra)
and start off towards Pune. Fortunately after two failures,
Mario and Nero let me free from the torture. We reach Pune
by 7 p.m. with myself accounting for two failures and a feeling
of blissful peace.

What a Valentine's day to have !! In love with nature !!


1) The fort Purandar (पुरंदर) was one of the key forts of Shivaji
the great. It commands guard over a huge area. A number of memorable
battles were fought at this fort.
2) For information regarding the fort, trekshitiz website is
the best source
3) These are the treskshitiz photos photos of the fort
4) For some more photos, especially of the area it covers, visit
my orkut Purandar album
5) There is a wikipedia Purandarlink too, though the trekshitiz
is better. But you can find a lot of cross-references on wikipedia.


Mario said...

Lovely account Onkar... want to add a line bout "Y v like trekking" and "Usa - tsa - ras"???? ;oD

Mario said...

...and how can I forget "Kahi lokana kahihi mahit asta" .... :D

Mario said...

...and about people u missed???

suvarnam said...

thanks for chhidkofying jale pe namak... :| i so missed it... shortcuts, world-peace, temple, jhunka-bhakar... sounds great!!!
u hv described it so well.. nice!! :)

I didn get reference of mario's comments.. must b smthing stupid n funny ;) explain me.. :)

vindy said...

hahahahha...amazing account of what must have been an even more amazing trek...and what a Valentine day to have! I envy you! :-x :)

Mukta said...

awesome! i hope u realize that u r officially a nice way obviously, but still crazy. great description!

Rupesh Nasre. said...

Onkar, very nicely described. Every paragraph is rich in additional thoughts. Not sure whether it was deliberate -- but such writing does take place when you have really enjoyed the event.

By the way, the Valentine's Day celebrated this way was still okay compared to that of mine when I had to take Arun on my vehicle for a long ride to order cake for Smrithi's birthday, and as if it was not enough, Just Bake showcased 3 young couples celebrating their dates!

Suneel Madhekar said...

Wow! I think the next time you plan to go there, you guys should travel on three horses... That would make the adventure complete, in a sense :) Amazing account of an amazing St. Valentine's day!

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