Thursday, December 6, 2007

Grow up, boy !!

Personality 1: I am an adult, a grown-up guy. (We call him Adult)
Personality 2: I want to live my own way. (Adult calls him as Kid)
Third person: Any other guy in this world than the two above.

Kid: Oh cool weather this morning. Time to read the Times of India.
Adult: Hey kid, its time to read only Bombay Times. Wow! Look at that babe's pic !
Kid: Yeah, it looks sexy but only after computer processing. Its fake.
Adult: I am going to look at anything as long as it pleases me, be it fake or no fake !
Kid: Time to read cartoons. Calvin and Hobbes,Garfield, Beetle Bailey.
Adult: No, its time to glance through page 3. Cartoons are meant only for infants.
Kid: I don't care. If you can look at what you want, I am going to read what I want.

( Third person tells a Blonde joke at the dining table in mess )
Kid: Oh boy !! That was indeed some joke !! (starts laughing vigorously)
Adult: Stop laughing you moron, you are supposed to laugh only at non-veg jokes.
Kid: And what are you supposed to do for that Blonde joke?
Adult: I am an adult and adults are supposed to yawn at such jokes and say
this is the stuff meant only for kids, not for an adult.
( All the third persons sitting at the table start talking about a girl )
Kid: Damn it, here why is it always the same topic and the same girl?
Adult: Remember, when you are grown up, there are no other topics in your life
to discuss except the girls and their characteristics. And it is a sign
of adulthood that you discuss the very same content round the clock. Heck, get
off, this is not the stuff meant for the kids. Don't listen to it or else
your so so so innocent mind will get spoiled.

Kid: (climbing down the stairs) Yo, lets go down skipping alternate steps.
Adult: You are still a kid. Be a man. This is childish stuff.
Kid: (walking on the road) Oh boy, what a pleasant weather. Feels like heaven.
(Kid takes in a deep breath and smiles to himself)
Adult: Heck, look here baby !! If you want to walk down with me, no such
nonsense will do. No pleasant deep breaths n smiles while walking.
Kid: You jerk, what are you supposed to do when it is so soothing a weather?
Adult: Adults only keep long faces while walking down a road. This smiley
and breathy stuff is so kiddish. Grow up boy, grow up !!

Kid: Ok, so checking e-mails is over. Now lets go to
Adult: No, lets go to "adult_stuff".com.
Kid: No man, enough of that stuff. You watch that stuff 365 days.
The same edited stuff. How do you manage not to get bored?
Adult: Bored? and of that? No way, that is a ****ing good stuff.
Kid: (jumps) Hey you said a bad word.
Adult: Bad word for kids. A word representing maturity for grown-up like me.
Bad things for kids become a style statement for adults.

Nothing has remained the same as it used to be
A time to grow up, to think only about girls for me
Newspaper to dustbin, see the fake pics in the supplement
The four letter word has now become a compliment
No carefree hops and no tears like a child
Com'on people, its high time to go wild
A smile on the face is a sign of insult
Keep up the long face, if you are an adult

Its time to forget, time to be carefree
People don't really think much about thee
Smile when you want, cry if you need
To the cries of "adults", don't pay any heed
The world is not only about girls, its also about you
Forget the worries and do what you want to
Enjoy this mortal life, its all that you have got
Have moments of childlike joy, which "adults" have not


sushant said...

Friction... with establishment... sparks plenty... fire shall follow...

Anonymous said...

wtf does this even mean? Shitty blog dude..

Pushkaraj said...

Good One...

heliophile said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
heliophile said...

Hullo Mr. Anonymous, hope next time you don't hide your identity. All kinds of comments are truly welcome that is why I don't moderate the comments before acceptance.


Swaprava Nath said...

Can you tell me before the exams what people should be? Should they be Kid or Adult? It should be time to concentrate, that leads to kid, but at the same time, should show maturity, hence adult, information paradox!! howzzat?


Suneel Madhekar said...

Hmm... There's a kid in all of us. Some only hide that kid and some go too far to prove the kid doesn't exist. It takes some courage to set the kid in you free. But this gives you a surprisingly happy and stress-free life. Good one dude... Talking about girls or gorillas at mess tables is okay as long as it does not become ugly and as long as you don't hurt anyone (including gorillas). Keep rocking...

Anu said...

Ah well, everybody is different. I have found that there are varying levels of both the kinds of personality described. Sometimes the girl-mania does get a little too much but maybe that is just a sign of escapism :)

v2d said...

nice blog...rather thaught provoking one..if we think; we should most probably get answer..i.e... in which category we belong...there may not be good or bad catagory..

heliophile said...

Just a clarification. "Kid" is not actually a kid. But the "adult" calls him as the "kid"


Suneel Madhekar said...

Even the "adult" is not actually an adult. Probably only the kid calls him an adult. He seems more like a hormone-imbalanced adolescent to me... He he he...

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