Saturday, June 9, 2007

I disappear

Hi friends,

This post is for some news that were headlines for few weeks and then suddenly disappeared. The credit goes to the media as well as short lived memory of great Indian public.

I am trying to remember as many such news as possible but being an Indian its my natural characterstic to keep forgetting important headlines. Some incidents esp have only one line of memory in my brains.

1. Nithari killings :

Aboe 30 children were brutally abducted, raped, killed (and eaten?).. Made headlines for few weeks. Darted to number one hotspot. It was a favourite filler in programs for news channels. After some weeks there came few revelations that some of the then U.P. CMs contacts may get into little trouble and this news suddenly disappeared from all the media. These media ppl n politicains are amazing magicians! Its so easy to make a thing disappear..

2. Karnataka CMs son vandalises a hotel :

This is a local flavor. I thought I should dedicate at least a paragraph to the state where I am passing through an important phase.
Few months ago, Karnataka CMs son vandalised a hotel- "Hotel New Empire" . Broke glasses etc.. A normal exciting thing. Dear efficient CM vowed with a determination that his son wont be spared at all if proved guilty. Then immediately in 5 days the news disappeared. Disappeared in the thick mists of cloud, disappeared in the blue depths of Kauveri. Cool man!!

3. Miscellaneous :

a) What happened of the case of Kanchi mutt seer who was arrested with so much hoopla by Jayalalitha maybe 1-2 years ago? It was some thousands of crores of scam and even some unmentionable allegations were made towards the holy seer.

b) What happened to those aspiring politicians involved in the famous "Tehelka" case?

c) No action was taken when some supposedly Mr Azhagiri's (Karunanidhi's son)followers attcked a
newspaper office in Tamilnadu with petrol bombs and three people were killed.

d) One among BJP ex-high command Mr Sanjay Joshi, was on the news for involvement in a sleaze CD
recording. It was few years ago. This news too disappeared!

This is very exciting to actually observe this sudden disappearance phenomenon so well executed. I hope that no goon turns up at my hostel and beats me up!


P.S. : If you remember some more such "vansishing in thin air" kinds atuff then do a honor to mail me. This can be put in this blog and we'l get some more entertainment!

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sushant said...

you throw light at a piece of shattered glass, it shines...
you put your step over it in the night, it hurts...
some thrive on it, by selling the shine,
but for some ill-fated, its their turn to get hurt from those pieces in the night that follows...
just like the nights before...
for the sellers, a shattered glass shines till they want to throw light on it...
its for us to, take that bloody piece of glass, out of our and everyone else's way...

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