Sunday, April 22, 2007

Random thoughts

Sitting in lab, wasting the time meant for study (Its final exams going on)..

Decided to write the thoughts came to my mind.. These are random thoughts which are circulating in my brains at this moment:

I am feeling sleepy
I am choked, in fact I am a choker
Why is this mouse kept so much away, cant these guys do sense?
Why cant I type fast
I can feel blood flow in my nerve in left temple, i shud go to room
(looking blankly at roof)
Damn man
Maybe tomo i'l get up early n study. But how?
I'm getting pimples.
Thank god i dont hv girlfriend. But shud i be really thankful? what is meant by tht?
This CPU has a green light thts odd.
I shouldnt prop up my left leg on right leg. Then its difficult to bend suddenly n touch mouse
Why n what
Kisi purane dost se baat nahi hoti, sab apne apne kaam mein lage hai
World is strang. Maybe I am
Friends are studying. I should too but forget it
Tingling sensation in fingers
Why there is hexagonal mesh on CPU?
Maybe I shud leave for room
It mabe raining outside. But u cant stay in lab overnight
(its so romantic atmosphere.. Some romantic thoughts)
Damn thirsty but water cooler is so far
I'm lazy n wasting my time
(furrowed my eyebrows)
(Looked behind)
(some un-mentionable thought)
Why do I write blog?
Linear algebra is my real weakness
What are different types of fire extinguishers? (lookin at one in lab)
I'm doin nonsense, writin nonsense, i'm nonsense as a person
wil anybody even care to read this?
I should right some "catchy" page 3 thing here to keep up ppl's interest.. haha
Times is pathetis newspaper
Today I forgot to read Beetle Bailey n solve daily anagrams
(restin chin on hand, perhaps thnkin about what to think)
friend has come bt I am too tired, somebody should pick me up n take to room
Damn, getting hungry
Spectacles are boring
Tomorrow is another day
(now gonna log off)

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Sanjit said...

Hmm...contrary to your own rather humble misregard for your little literary creation, it indeed reflects the honest state of mind of a human being !! Reminded me of Raj Supe's novel "Three No Trumps". Somewhat similar narrative !!! Good work there !!!

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