Monday, February 26, 2007

"Plastic" People

Dear Human beings,

This is an attempt to classify all the human beings occupying this planet Earth into two broad categories. A new-found conclusion of research survey conducted secretly on all humans by myself on the behalf of W.T.M., USA. (Read Whatever That Means, USA. USA because we Indians generally dont believe any survey unless conducted by some organization in USA or maybe UK.)

Well, I'll be basically characterizing "plastic" people in this abstract. I'll just brief about non-plastic category later.

(Above all is just nonsense. Its written only for the sake of making few guys to read this matter a little seriously)


Plastic people, we like them. We generally like to talk to them, hobnob with them, share thoughts with them. We generally tend to dial their numbers when we pick the handset or unlock our cell. We SMS them, we ask them to attend parties thrown by us etc etc.

But these people are particularly characterized by their behaviour towards us. First charcteristic is whenever there is a "hi" said between you and them, always its said by you. You ask, "How are you? Whats up? No hear from you in so many days (or weeks or months), kya yaar, its not fair." (Not to mention the divine friendliness oozing from your eyes). The person gives a very attractive "Plastic" smile and says "oooh, sooo sorry yaar, kya hai na, aajkal bahut busy ho gaya/gayi hoon.. Itna load hai na, kya bataoon. U know, i just forgot. Sooo sorry." Very attractive "Plastic" dialogue. You believe it. Faithfully..

You SMS them once in a week or 15 days. They never reply. Somehow, their balance is always over the next moment after they recharge. Logical, perhaps, there is some mismanagement on the service operator's side, you never know.. Sometimes, by mistake there is enough credit to reply "Sorry dude, kya karoon balance hi nahi tha. Aaj hi recharge karwaya. Immediately tuzhe hi pehle message kiya." A very "Plastic", very convincing reply. Sometimes you get very impatient and call them up on their cell/landline. They say, "Arey yaar, you won't believe it lekin today itself i was going to call you up." You believe it. Faithfully..

Some other charcteristics : Whenever you want to meet them, ALWAYS some very very important thing pops up in their schedule. There is no coincidence. Its the divine order proposed by the creator. No wonder, the mistake lies at the creator's side. You cant help it at all. You believe it. Faithfully..

Somehow they "plastic"ly forget to invite us to their parties, though you never fail to invite them to yours. Forgetfulness is inherent in human nature. You cant help that too. Brain is not some computer to remember each and every thing. You believe it. Faithfully..


There is a large difference between the FACT and what you believe (faithfully).

In fact they never wanted to say hi, never wanted to reply, never wanted to make a call, in fact they were never soooo busy. And they never ever wanted to invite you to their parties.

Some people realize it, many don't.

Some people finally leave all those "attempts", but many don't..

On the other hand, there always are few "Non-Plastic" people in the world for you. They always say a "Non-Plastic" hi to you, talk to you in "Non-Plastic" manner, keep in touch without any plastic emotional touch, enjoy n share their time with you.

But many times you behave like a plastic person with them.

The question is, why not forget running after all those plastic people and be with those non-plastic people, our real friends?

Theorem: But the above thing is one of the impossibilities of universe. You just can't do it.

Any corrections, friends?



Anu said...

Interesting, I wonder what inspired you write this ;)..
but well, everybody gets a fair share of both kind of people in their life..and sometimes the balance shifts, just like everything can't always be judging ppl na..more the non-plasticity, luckier you are!

akshay said...

You hit the nail on the head man... There are certain people to whom,we feel, we should matter!!To those whom we really matter...we take them for granted.The human mind is the most trecherous if u really think about it.Its not only about people.But in every aspect our mind keeps craving for that which eludes us.What we have we dont value because we feel its no big deal...This whole process of undermining our own self is the root cause of all the emotional turbulances faced by the human mind!!What say?

Suyash said...

Hey Onkar.....This is Suyash. That was really a nice blog. Looks like these days you are studing people and their behaviors rather than ICs and wave theories because it was so damm true:). Anyway looking forward to more blogs from your side.Keep it up dude.

Kiri said...

People should read this.

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